WORKING WAY  


       Our working way is big different with normal trading company and normal manufacture. As a normal trading company, usually, they pay more attention about their trading method, don't know how produce the products which they supply. It is impossible for them to control the quality of the products during the process of producing. As a normal manufacture, general speaking, they know how to produce their products and how to control the quality, but, It is difficulty for them to understand some special requirements from the different customers who comes from different countries. Also, Most of the manufactures have no international business experience and even no idea about international business rule. For Sunho, the situation will be changed, we can treat these two things in same time. As we have many years international business experience, we know how to do this kind of business and easy to understand what the customer's special requirement is. Also, for each product or part, our Technical &Engineering department will design a suitable producing process, quality control system and inspection method. For example:

When receiving a request(sample, drawings etc.) from the customer, our Technical & Engineering Depart will analysis the sample or drawing first, understand very clearly what the function of the sample is or study the drawings very carefully and learn all the technical requirements. Then, our engineers will design a correct producing process by computer according to condition of the machines and equipments which have been exist in the manufactures. This design includes designing moulds,jigs, and inspection toolings.

Sometimes, the customer supply sample only, when we meet this situation, The first work of our engineer is making the drawings according to the customer's sample, and then, send the drawings to the customer for their confirm. After receiving the confirmed the drawings, we will do next step work as mentioned above.

Sometimes, after study the samples or drawings that are from the customers, our engineers will give the customers some good suggestions for improving the products more perfect or saving producing cost more.